Client Testimonials

"Anton is an excellent divorce lawyer. Extremely knowledgeable and up to date on all legal processes related to divorce. He handled my own situation with professionalism and kept it as clean and easy a process as possible. Anything else would have been exhausting emotional and financially. Divorce isn’t something I would wish on anyone. But if you are in need of legal help then he would be the first person I would recommend. He will handle your personal situation fairly and efficiently keeping your best interest at mind at all times."

D.B. - Wellesley, Massachusetts

"Divorce is one of life's most stressful events. I know this because I recently completed my first and, please God, last divorce. Anton was my attorney and I was very lucky to have him on my side to give me his guidance, solid legal knowledge, fairness and patience.

It is extremely important to be represented by an attorney you are comfortable with and who has solid legal and personal skills. Anton was that and more. Frankly, I like and respect this man and have found that his legal views and tactical suggestions have been on the mark. In fact, on several instances, he stopped some actions of the opposing attorney by citing new laws which the other lawyer should have but didn't know.

He was readily available and I remember that he once sent me a response via email while he was at his daughter’s swim meet. Anton’s practice is about 90% divorce cases and he knows his way around the appropriate courts very well.

Anton is a find and without any hesitation I highly recommend him.

S.S. - Wellesley, Massachusetts

"You are a lawyer's, lawyer. This is one of the highest compliments I can pay another lawyer.

The divorce process creates a no-win situation, but you kept me from losing. You helped me maintain my dignity, as well as protecting me financially. Your knowledge of the court and its personnel was invaluable. You never engaged in unnecessary battles, but yet always seemed to have the other side on their heels. The end result was a fair divorce completed in about 6 months from filing to decree!

There is not a better divorce attorney in the Commonwealth.

Thank you for all that you did."

T.C. Belmont, Massachusetts

"A friend referred me to Anton for my divorce after having had a not so great experience with another attorney. I could not have asked for a better referral. Anton knows the law, he is confident, he gives very balanced and educated guidance and is able to have compassion at the same time. Divorce is such an emotional experience and if you are looking for honesty, expertise and humor when you need it most, you could not ask for a better attorney. I am forever grateful for him for helping me to get through this hard time in my life."

J.L., Medford, Massachusetts

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help during my recent legal matter. I appreciate your calm, logical, and thoughtful manner as well as your "geeky" attention to detail."

R.C., Norwood, Massachusetts

"Anton started his legal career at a Boston firm, so his skills and abilities are solid. When he represented me in my divorce he brought a good strategic overview to the table, along with a sense of humor that resolved a lot of issues. He had the imagination to recommend a global settlement and the negotiating dexterity to get it accepted. I would recommend Anton to anyone who needs a family lawyer with big-city skills and a reasonable fee structure."

B.A. Ayer, Massachusetts

"I'm writing to recommend Anton Reinert as a family law attorney. I've worked with Anton for a year now, and the divorce went through this morning. Through it all, Anton was honest, professional, razor-sharp, responsive, and patient - answering all my questions and going over things twice if needed to be sure I understood everything that was going on.

It's a rare lawyer that is not only a top notch lawyer but also concerned about keeping the client's costs down. Instead, Anton didn't charge me for certain short phone calls and emails, didn't raise his rate with me although his rate did go up over the year we were working together, and was cost-conscious in many ways so as to keep his own income from me low. Go figure. He said there are 'scorched earth litigators,' but he wasn't one of them.

Not only that, but Anton was actually pleasant to be with, even funny. He said in our first phone call that he had three rules: 1) I was to tell him the good, the bad, and the ugly so he wouldn't be surprised by anything that came out (and I did confess to Father Anton from time to time), 2) I was not allowed to worry; I was hiring a professional to do the worrying for me, and he would even check his email on weekends so he wouldn't leave me hanging with questions or concerns as we went through this, and 3) it was good to maintain a sense of humor to release the pressure from time to time, so I could take the high road and keep my dignity intact. He helped to keep things light by being professional but clever and even entertaining.

Anton is a rare breed of lawyer, and I don't know how I was lucky enough to find him."

M. M., Waltham, Massachusetts

"It was a great experience to work with Mr. Reinert during my past divorce. His straight forward and easy manner, coupled with some nice dry wit made the whole process so much more bearable. I found his advice logical and he instilled a feeling of having someone working for you that was interested in managing the situation in a way that made it a smooth process for me the client. Mr. Reinert even kept an eye on managing work within the limits of my retainer and always had a reasonable rate schedule for the services provided. I gladly recommend Mr. Reinert's service to anyone in need of a good solid divorce attorney that, also will keep you smiling through the process."

N. S. W. J., MBA, Wellesley, Massachusetts

"I just can't seem to express how much I really appreciate you. Your expertise and confident manner were very reassuring during this whole orderal."

W.D., Sudbury, Massachusetts

"Thank you for your steadfast commitment to seeing this through to its conclusion. The results far exceeded our expectations. You were calm, focused, and patient while I was anxious, doubtful, and often discouraged. Thank you for your sensitivity and integrity with respect to billing. You didn't rip us off or try to "earn your fee" by stretching things out or chasing red herrings, as you put them. Thanks again for all your help and hard work."

B.L.S. Belmont, Massachusetts

"The purpose of this message is to recommend the law services of Anton Reinert. I am nearing the end of a challenging 9 months in the legal process and it has been hard for me. Anton has been patient, informative, and supportive throughout. He is very knowledgeable about the workings of the Massachusetts court system. He is also practical and realistic about putting together a plan that is fair and comprehensive. He has really helped me and my family this year. Most of all, Anton has character. I have found him to be kind, trustworthy, and dependable throughout. He answers questions quickly and thoroughly, gives clear directions about what needs to be done, and explains procedures in a straightforward manner. I would highly recommend his services to anyone now and in the future."

B.D., Acton, Massachusetts

"It's been a pleasure to work with you. Your mental agility and level-headed approach helped us through a very difficult situation. Thank you, Anton!"

D.G., Issaquah, Washington

"The ability to inspire trust so spontaneously is a rare gift. You never let me down. Your efforts are greatly appreciated."

J.B., Randolph, Massachusetts

"I can't think of anyone I'd like to recommend more than Anton Reinert for legal services. Anton handled my complicated divorce case with aplomb. He made me feel totally at ease throughout a stressful process; always honest; often making me laugh; yet intuitive and sincere in our interactions. Mr. Reinert is a phenomenal attorney."

N.B. Waltham, Massachusetts

"I learned of Anton Reinert four or five years ago. Anton really impressed me with his care and concern of the situation. When it came time for my brother's legal needs in handling child support issues, I immediately called Anton and hired him. It was a very difficult situation to negotiate, and Anton handled it with the utmost integrity, care and patience for all parties involved. He was amazing at accomplishing something we thought would never be accomplished! I especially appreciated his frugal handling of the retainer, not over-charging time (some lawyers will charge for 15 minutes of work, even if it is just a two-minute phone call). I cannot over-emphasize the quality of work and results that Anton provides. I highly recommend him to anyone needing family law services."

R.T., Los Angeles, CA

"Very experienced lawyer, sets correct expectations right from the beginning, doesn't overcharge. Anton helped me all the way through my tough divorce and I'm very pleased with the end result. I'm very happy I decided to hire Anton and would definitely recommend him to my friends (I just hope I won't need to do so)."

A.L., Waltham, Massachusetts